How much do they cost?

In the UK they start at £454 +VAT (£545 inc VAT) plus delivery.

Do you offer a bulk discount?

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this further.

How do you use the mooring buoy?

Prepare a mooring line on the deck of the vessel and make one end fast

  1. Approach the Mara Buoy Static
  2. Pick up the eye
  3. Pass the bitter end of the line through the eye
  4. Secure the line back on board the vessel
  5. Once the vessel has settled to the mooring, the line can be adjusted for length

To use the Mara Buoy Dynamic simply pick up the mooring line, pass it through a fairlead and place the loop over the deck cleat.

With the Dynamic, the mooring line is weighted and in calm conditions the mooring line will slowly retract. On certain yachts, where the cleat is not adjacent to the fairlead, the yacht and buoy can be pulled together. In this case, it is recommended that the mooring eye is positioned just inboard of the fair lead and a warp inserted between the mooring line and cleat.

This can be done at leisure once the mooring has been established.

  1. Approach the Mara Buoy
  2. Pick up rope eye on Mara Buoy
  3. Place on deck cleat

Do they rub against the boats?

Given the right conditions, all mooring buoys will rub against the side of the boat’s hull. However as the contact points of Mara Buoy are made from polyethylene and has smooth edges, potential damage is greatly reduced. The upper rope guide at the top of the buoys is made from a particularly soft polyethylene to minimise any chance of damage.
The life of a Mara Buoy will depend on how harsh the operating conditions are, wave action, water salinity, UV intensity, etc. However, for most applications we would expect the life of the main structure to be well over 10 years. They are designed purposely for a long life, making them very cost effective.

Can graphics be added to them?

All the buoys have a white panel which can be customised with graphics by the user.
The Buoys are supplied with a 12 month warranty against faulty parts or labour.