Mara Buoy 10:75 S

£454.17 inc VAT

An elegant and simple design which allows deck level mooring. The mooring line is terminated in an high strength polymer eye and the crew member simply picks this up, they pass their own line through the eye, and then secures it back on board. Simple, safe, and easy.

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Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 143 × 57 × 57 cm

Blue, Orange, White, Yellow

Overall diameter

57 cm


57 cm

Buoyancy back up

Two independant chambers

Deck level mooring system


Dynamic mooring line


Static mooring line


Height above water level

80 cm

Minimum breaking load


Easy visual inspection of mooring line


Integrated above water swivel


Safe and easy to use


Smart engineering

Connection eye formed in polymer to protect both buoy and vessel mooring lines from chaff. Mooring line runs to bottom of buoy where it is linked directly to connection shackle.

High night time visibility

3M Reflective surfaces aid night time use and close quarters navigation.

Safe & easy

Mooring line always remains clean, free from marine growth. Pick up point at deck level.


The mooring line runs over radiused surfaces, reducing chaff and increasing reliability.